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Product Liability Claims in New York

When we go out and buy something, we don’t usually expect to become injured as a result. There is a long process that goes into creating a product, and it is usually safe to assume that this product has been properly designed, created, tested, and marketed. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you […]

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Preparing Your Property for Winter in NYC

Winters in New York City can be wonderful. Strolling the city streets is a favorite winter activity for tourists and residents alike. Not to mention, running from store to store gift shopping, or ice skating at Rockefeller Center. Needless to say, New Yorkers are not deterred by the cold, and they will be out and […]

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What do I do if I’m Injured Trick-or-Treating in New York?

Halloween is one of the more active holidays that takes place every year. Instead of being indoors, kids and their families hit the streets in search of treats. While this is a fun and exciting tradition, it is important that all individuals are being careful during their participation. This is because, in the event that […]

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How do I Protect Myself From New York Premises Liability Claim?

There are many people in New York who like to put out festive decorations during the holiday season. As this time of year is quickly approaching, the Law Offices of Brian J. Swerling would like to remind readers about the importance of premises liability law. When property owners put out decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or […]

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Is there a Difference Between Medical Malpractice and Medical Negligence?

In order to practice medicine, doctors go through years of school and training. It is because of this that they are held to a high standard and patients trust them with their lives. While patients are usually in good hands, there are cases in which a doctor’s carelessness can cause further suffering. When facing these […]

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How do I Recover Compensation After an Elevator Accident in New York?

There are many people who use elevators almost daily, especially in New York City. If an elevator is not properly made or maintained, it can cause them to become dangerous and experience malfunctions. When this happens, severe accidents can take place that cause injuries to those who use them. Those who are harmed in these […]

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How do I Pursue Legal Action After Nursing Home Abuse in New York?

When people reach an older age, they may need extra assistance that their loved ones cannot provide. This can lead them to become a patient in a nursing home so they can receive the care they need. In these homes, people expect to be safe and treated well. While this is usually the case, there […]

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Determining Liability After a Slip and Fall Accident in New York

On any given day in New York City, there are millions of people walking every day. While it is a common occurrence, there are many cases in which simply walking can result in an injury. This may be the case if a property owner does not take care of the grounds they are required to, […]

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Pursuing Legal Action After a Retail Store Accident in New York

As retail stores in New York begin to open their doors back up to the public again, it is important that the properties are well maintained. This is so that shoppers who come onto the grounds are not put at risk of being involved in an accident and sustaining a serious injury. Accidents can happen […]

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Settlement to a barista who slipped and fell on a defective stairwell while working for Starbucks who sustained back injuries requiring multiple surgeries in 2012.


Settlement to a woman who was assaulted and sustained back/hip injuries in 2015.


Verdict to a high school student who was assaulted by a school dean during her lunch period dislocating her hip in 2014.


Settlement to a man who was run over by a dump truck on a Brooklyn street causing him to sustain multiple injuries, including but not limited to a broken leg and detached urethra in 2019.


Settlement to a woman who slipped and fell down a wet stairwell in a New York City Housing Authority building requiring a back surgery in 2018.

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