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Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. However, the likelihood of being involved in a car accident significantly increases when a motorist drives while feeling fatigued. Essentially, fatigue is when an individual is tired as a result of a lack of sleep. Fatigued driving is extremely dangerous as it is considered impaired driving. Sleep deprivation can cause cognitive impairment that causes motorists to have reduced alertness, awareness, judgment, and concentration while behind the wheel. All of which can lead to catastrophic accidents and injuries. If you or someone you care about has been injured in a car accident due to a fatigued driver, contact an experienced New York City Car Accident Attorney who can help you hold negligent parties accountable for your damages. In addition, please continue reading to learn more about how fatigued driving can lead to serious car accidents. 

Can sleep deprivation lead to car accidents?

Unfortunately, symptoms of fatigue can be difficult to detect. However, it often results from motorists not maintaining healthy sleeping habits or driving for several consecutive hours without rest. If a motorist is having trouble keeping their head up, their eyes open, and frequently yawning, these are early signs of fatigue. If a motorist begins to drift into other lanes, has difficulty maintaining their speed, or misses road signs and turns, they are experiencing fatigue and should stop driving immediately. If they continue to drive they pose a serious threat to the safety of everyone on the road including themselves. Similarly to driving while under the influence of alcohol, fatigued driving diminishes motorists’ critical driving capabilities needed to safely operate a vehicle. Motorists who experience sleep deprivation should not get behind the wheel because they will have slower reaction times. Fatigued motorists will not be able to adapt to changing road conditions and they will be unable to make sound decisions while behind the wheel. According to statistics, 328,000 sleep-deprived driving accidents occur annually. Motorists must refrain from driving when they feel overtired to protect everyone on the road from harm.

Who is at risk of driver fatigue?

Everyone on the road is at risk of driver fatigue. The body has a biological need for sleep and when that need is not met, it takes a toll on a motorist’s physical and mental capabilities. Motorists who travel on the road for many consecutive hours are at risk of driver fatigue. Commercial truck drivers are among the most susceptible to fatigue as they are on the road for long periods without rest. Sleep-deprived driving is particularly dangerous for commercial truck drivers as they need special skills to drive vehicles with such density and weight. If their driving abilities are impaired by overwhelming feelings of sleepiness, it could result in tragic accidents. Motorists need to have adequate quality sleep before getting behind the wheel.

In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one has been injured in a car or truck accident as a result of a fatigued driver, reach out to one of our seasoned attorneys. Our firm is committed to helping our clients achieve favorable results.


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Settlement to a barista who slipped and fell on a defective stairwell while working for Starbucks who sustained back injuries requiring multiple surgeries in 2012.


Settlement to a woman who was assaulted and sustained back/hip injuries in 2015.


To a man who sustained back injuries when he was a passenger in the car that rear ended another car.


Verdict to a high school student who was assaulted by a school dean during her lunch period dislocating her hip in 2014.

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